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Patrons, taxpayers, students, and interested parties of all political and social-economic backgrounds are joining together to oppose making historic Idaho Falls High School into the district office and closing down this school building that holds so many memories.  We need your help in saving  historic Idaho Falls High School!


On November 7th, 2017 voters will decide whether to accept District 91’s proposed bond which would include closing down this historic building and building a new school miles south.  We say NO WAY!


Consider this:


  1. Historic, Classic, or "Retro" High Schools are very popular!  Pocatello High and East High School in Salt Lake being great examples.    In general, the residents of Idaho Falls appreciate historic buildings with the Colonial Theatre and the Museum of Idaho being two prime examples.
  2. Idaho Falls High School is the heart and soul of central Idaho Falls.  It is truely a marque building.   Closing down the school could lead to urban blight and take its toll on the local neighborhood.  Idaho Falls High School makes that area what it is and what it will be.  As Idaho Falls High School goes, so does the immediate neighborhood.
  3. Building a different school, miles to the south, will NOT preserve the treasured history that the real Idaho Falls High building provides.
  4. The actual school building is structurally sound.  In fact, the district wants to reuse it as the new district offices and other things! 
  5. The school does need some updating and remodeling but nothing on the scale that District 91 say’s its chosen builder wants to do.  Snake River School District remodeled several schools for a total of just $17 million a few years ago.   We don’t need extravagant, expensive, gold plated or reckless spending.  A good contractor can come in and do a great job and remodel both Idaho Falls and Skyline for much, much less than the $110 million the current bond is asking patrons for.
  6. School District 91 has a track record of abandoning great buildings like O.E. Bell Junior High and New Sweden Elementary.  Contractors or others led them to believe they could not use O.E. Bell so the district had taxpayers build a new Junior High.  Years later, O.E. Bell is back to being a school, this time a charter school, and has many great years of use left.  Let’s not make the same mistake of building an unneeded new school again.  Closing historic Idaho Falls High School will be a decision many patrons will come to regret. 



The November 7, 2017 ballot question is the district's first proposal to the patrons.  We feel a strong defeat at the ballot box will show the district leaders that patrons want a better proposal.  We want a proposed bond that keeps the neighborhood around Idaho Falls High School vibrate. A bond that preserves historic Idaho Falls High School and keeps it in operation.  A bond that does a reasonably priced restoration.  Indeed, we want an update of the school that does not break the bank.


Further, some patrons are calling the proposed location of a “replacement" high school  unfair.  To be sure, the November 7th school bond calls for a new high school (which is unneeded) to be built miles south of the current location of Idaho Falls High School. 


What does a new high school located south of town mean for students and families?  Extra hardships, at least for many students.  Students in the middle and north part of the school's zone will have further to travel.  These are generally the kids from working families and lower income families.  The new school is going to be in an area close to many of the richer families in the area.  These higher income families generall don’t have many of the transportation challenges and issues that the lower income families have when it comes to getting their kids from after school activities. 


The result of this "far south location" will probably be that the rich kids are closer to all the extra-curricular activities and the kids on the north side, many without as good as transportation options, will have a harder time getting to things like debate, football, play practice, or even after school study groups.  Additionally,  these working class kids will have a longer bus ride each day to the high school.  We feel that this is not fair.  Not at all.   The current central location like Idaho Falls School District current has is best!


In summary, let’s work together to save Idaho Falls High School.  It was built as a high school and  it should continue to be used as a high school.   Closing down the school simply takes away from the fabric of the local neighborhood.  This school building has welded a community together for more than 50 years.   


Will you join our effort?  Please help us by clicking the "Help Us" tab above or click the donate button below.  And download a free window sticker!



Please help us defeat this unsound and unfair bond proposal which includes closing down historic Idaho Falls High School.  You can donate via paypal by clicking the button below.  Those wanting to close down Idaho Falls High School as part of the massive November 7th 2017 District 91 school bond have already spent much getting their message out.  We need your financial support to get our message out.  Vote No to the closure of the school.  Vote no to a school bond that many have concerns with.  Donate today to help our cause!

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Please see for more information on the bond, the new tax cost, and other reasons to reject this proposal. Please help us defeat this unsound proposed bond.